Partnering with Businesses to drive continued success through Sustainable Efficiencies

The journey from data to technology

UniQreate came together with a vision of building a unique product that helps users so seamlessly that they do not even notice that a system is involved; essentially invisible assistants, which take care of all your needs.

As a team, the biggest shift we have made is to ensure that the "value" is realized by the customer and their businesses. Our products then become the ideal vehicles for delivering this value.

Now, our decisions are more value-centric than technology-centric and customers can easily connect this to their business challenges & goals. This is where our extended team of customers, advisors, mentors and partners has been instrumental to continue innovating and driving excellence in value-creation.

The core values driving our business from the start


We believe that this is a shared journey between our brand and its audience. And we use empathy to deeply understand their experiences and needs.


We build trust by keeping our promise to provide what our users need.


We create transparency by being genuine and open, not only with our users but with our employees as well.


We are committed to excellence for our users and partners, and we believe in providing quality through service and support.


Passion fuels excitement for the endeavors we undertake, igniting a fire that inspires excellence and fosters continuous evolution.


We are driving towards accessibility that creates experiences of ease during the product interactions.

Recreating the data story

Businesses are either unaware of the possibilities with their own data or struggle with diminishing returns due to low scalability and/or high complexity with building “database worthy data”. What they need is an optimal augmentation of human and machine intelligence to create the best outcome.

Our “Customer First” solutions provide that quicker path to automation, powered by data centric AI/ML models. Customer data/domain knowledge then becomes the singular focus and a key to their competitive advantage.

Experienced leaders pushing our goal forward

Backed by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing reliable and effective solutions. With years of industry experience, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results.

Nitin Gupta
CEO and Co-Founder

A Data and Product Leader, with more than 15 years in the Global Capital Markets, Market Data and Risk & Compliance functions.

Rakesh Srivastava
Co-Founder and COO

An Operations, Cloud and Delivery expert with more than two decades of experience working in large global enterprises.

Kiran Kumar
Co-Founder and CTO/CPO

A solutions architect, spent over two decades in the Technology industry and built products ranging from a Stock Trading Terminal to Live Auction Marketplaces

Industry leaders shaping our path

Rishi Nangalia
Bina Kalola
Jay DiPietro
Brian Filanowski
Bill Heffelfinger

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