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During the early part of this decade, Nitin was pursuing his MBA at Oxford University. With deep background in Data Management while working at Thomson Reuters in NYC, he often experienced inefficiencies when People worked with Data. With continuous feedback from customers, he envisioned a #DataUptopia world where a non-technical user could get to Data of interest without the challenges of understanding Technology.

Around the same time, Rakesh was working with large Enterprises heading Delivery and Operations. He was driven to find simplicity in approaches that would help businesses get their work done faster.

Kiran was running an IT Solutions company. He faced the challenges of Technology adoption by everyday users. His philosophy was that “A user should never notice a solution while he is using it. But if you take it away, he/she should notice the huge gap it leaves in its place. That is the mark of good technology”.

Long story short, the three met and immediately found a synergy. The result is what UniQreate has become today. A company dedicated to building solutions that help business users manage their data needs with the most efficient workflows and the least intrusive interactions.

The vision for the company is to constantly evolve on each of the 3 primary dimensions i.e. Convenience, Cost and Compatibility and to be a continuous innovation space.

The Team


The Team

Kiran Kumar

Kiran, an Entrepreneur and an avid Solutions Architect, spent over two decades in Technology industry. He built products ranging from a Stock.... Trading Terminal for National Stock Exchange (NSE) and an E-Auction site for the Government of India, to Industrial Risk Control Applications for organizations in South Africa.

Nitin Gupta

Nitin, a Data and a Product Leader, a Tech Evangelist and a Global Networker, worked in New York for more than 8 years in the Data & Information... industry. He co-founded UniQreate as a part of an Academic Research Project during the MBA program at the University of Oxford, UK

Rakesh Srivastava

Rakesh is a Delivery Expert with strong Technical Engineering and Operational Leadership experience. He brings tremendous value leveraging.... Infrastructure, Cloud, Financial Planning and Budgetary Management expertise. He co-founded UniQreate after spending more than two decades of IT/ITeS experience working with large Corporates and Enterprises globally.

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